Appalachian Brewing Co.'s Grinning Grizzly

This past weekend, Mike, Lotus and I went to the PA Home Show in Harrisburg.  It was an enjoyable couple of hours together, doing some research on companies that provide services for both home building and home renovation.  We walked through a log home that was built inside the equine building.  Wow.  Amazing house, pretty much suits to a 'T' what we want.  As easily as I could continue a rambling verbal escapade of the home show, what I'd like to talk about, really, is beer.

Ah, beer.  How I enjoy thy colored liquid, full of hoppy happiness and malty warmth.  We worked up quite a thirst during our time at the home show so we stopped at Appalachian Brewing Company on the way home for a beer or three and a bite to eat.  The space they are in is fantastic: a large warehouse with glass walls dividing the main dining and bar area from where they get down and dirty (a completely sanitized dirty) with brewing.  We both ordered wings that were large and meaty, fried to crispy perfection, and flavored without swimming in sauce.  Delightful.  I recommend the Thai wings; the sauce is sweet but not thick and spicy but wont' remove a top layer of tastebuds. 

On the way out we purchased a half case of Grinnin' Grizzly bottled beer.  According to their website:

November Specialty
Grinnin' Grizzly Spiced Ale

OG: 14.0, FG: 3.0, ABW: 4.5, ABV: 5.7
This amber ale is dosed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and fresh orange zest.
It is well balanced with low hop flavor and nice hint of the spices in the finish.
This spiced ale is not overbearing; rather it is smooth and very drinkable

It is typical of a holiday ale, full of spices and heavy on flavor.  There is a crisp citrus note when I first take a sip and I really taste the nutmeg on the finish.  It is drinkable, but much like a Belgian white, I can only have one or two at a time or it gets a bit overwhelming.  I think this beer would pair well with a thick beef stew, served on a cold day while sitting by a fireplace.  You can drink it anytime, though - I won't tell anyone.

Get yourself over to Appalachian Brewing Co before they're out and get some!

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