Asher hears the Voice of Saturn

I think it's entirely possible that we have the most awesome kid ever made. At the moment I'm sitting on our comfy new sofa and listening to the new Zoroaster album, Voice of Saturn. If you have heard it you know how good it is. Deep grooves, fuzzy canyons and a river of sometimes smooth, sometimes whitewater vocals running through it all. In my opinion, this will easily be one of the top 10 albums of the year. I turned on the first track through Apple TV (which I can't imagine not having, by the way) and immediately Asher started bouncing up and down in time to the rhythm to what he hears. He turns around and looks at me with an enormous grin on his little cherub face. He then gets down on his belly and does a one handed push up while still bouncing to the music. I particular like when he does this last dance, it is unbelievably funny.

If you haven't listened to Voice of Saturn, or any Zoroaster for that matter, check them out. Go here.

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  1. New Zoroaster footage I came across.