'The Doctor' and African stoner rock - who knew?

I woke up this morning feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, lots of congestion, sort throat, achy body, the works. Mike feeds Asher his early morning meal and gets up with him so I can sleep longer. I fall asleep for a couple minutes only, but here is what I dreamt:

I am standing outside, off the end of a long porch, and there in the dappled sunlight under large leafy trees, I feel like I'm waiting for something. I hear the old porch door creak open on rusted hinges and look up. My entire view is taken up by a huge joint. I can smell the earthy aroma filling the warm summer air and I know this is what I came for. There is a large hypodermic needle sticking out from one end of the joint and the rest is just fat green goodness. I don't see who is holding it out to me, offering me such a generous gift, but I do hear their voice. "Here you are, this is The Doctor." End of dream. The Doctor seemed quite able to assist in my time of sickness, but alas, I woke before I was able to enjoy, I mean suffer, through the treatment.

Now I'm listening to some groovy African stoner rock, compliments of Sludge Swamp. African fuzz. Who would have thunk it? Check it out.

I think my mental Green preoccupation must have something to do with the nearness of St. Paddy's Day.

So go get yourself a green beer, I think I will.

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