Millions of children... where does it end??

I just saw a preview for the TV show 'Table for 12'. C'mon. Seriously? For what reason does a set of parents need to have that many children?? I seriously do not understand what drives a modern man and woman to procreate that many times. If you are horny, cool. Have sex. Have lots of sex, you can even have it dirty if you want it that way. But use a pill, or a condom, or something that will prevent that eager little tadpole from going the distance, and meeting up in a dark alley with a poor and unsuspecting egg and having its way with it.

This whole Octomom stuff just has me disgusted too. It almost is becoming fashionable or something to have a ridiculous amount of children. Now Brad and Angelina (or Brangelina, if you run in certain circles) are able to have twenty-five kids. They are multi-millionaires. They can afford the best of the best and those kids probably don't lack for anything (including love). But really? Octomom? If you already have more than a handful of babies in the house and you haven't paid your mortgage for months, what would possess you to have MORE. And where does the money come from?? It better not be coming from my tax money.

Which brings me to the economy. But I'm not touching that bag of shit with a 10-foot pole. I'll save that for another day.


  1. Great post! The tax payers will most likely take care of the extra kids if the parents are not able. Having a State/Gov't is definitely preferable to not for many reasons, but there will always be the opportunity to take advantage of it. In a natural state, it would be a very bad strategy to have more than you can care for because there is no one else to help you out.